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        Law Egypt is law office ,  is  one  of Egypt's  law office , that   is composed  of elite of
        Egyptian distinguished attorney,who are specialized in many fields of law.
        Our office  was  established  in  May 1989  , by Mr / Essam Abd El Fattah Mustafa who  was
        graduated from the  Faculty  of Law in Egypt and commenced law practice in  the same year
        as a general practitioner from the same year ,  for all  legal actions in all fields of  law whereas 
        Mr / Essam  Abd El Fattah , specialized in legal actions connected to the Maritime Lawwhere
        his  work in the  largest law   firms in the  field gave him the  chance to  practice  all kinds of
        legal actions related to this fields, besides he practiced the  Commercials Law and Intellectual
        Property  Protection (i .e  Pattent & Trademark registration ) in addition to his practice of  all
        all the variety of law fields legal actions in the early beginning of his career.
       Our Law Office is a member of the Egyptian and International Bar Association, a member of
        the Egyptian Maritime Association , has representatives in all  large cities and  Egyptian ports
        and has Patent & Trademarks Attorneys in the Egyptian Registration Office .
     He joined Abou  Aly Office from 1993 to 2000 as attorney,till he became one  of  partners
     in Soliman Advocates Law Firm , till the foundation of this Law Office.

In Case you have any consultation in any of the Egyptian law fields, We have the pleasure to give our legal advice that would help you in taking the proper decision.